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Presentation of the European Week

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There is a Europe of summits, a Europe of daily life, close to us, both of which build a Europe of citizens. The European Cyclotourism Week can help these citizens to get to know each other.

The European Cycling Tourism Week is intended to be an international celebration, it is organised only once a year and takes place during one week in mid-July in one of the countries affiliated to the European Cycling Union.

Cyclotourism is above all the practice of an activity of relaxation, leisure, and of course a sporting activity in its own right. A sport without a race, without a stopwatch, without a ranking, only for fun and without a schedule: free start, number of free kilometres, free itinerary. The discovery of a region, a country in a friendly atmosphere, and thus to be able to get to know cyclists from the four corners of this new Europe, this is the spirit of the European Cyclotourism Week.

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